Release Notes

Version 2006-11-17

November 17, 2006

Sorry for taking so long to get these released. Many thanks to Baseball Info Solutions for allowing us to use their season ending files as part of the release.

All files (except postseason fielding and most awards) should be updated through the 2005 season. The awards will be updated again in December and I am hoping to spend a week or two in December and January working on this project and getting it kickstarted again. (Famous last words, I know).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Version 2005-12-29

December 29, 2005

Sorry for taking so long to get these released. Many thanks to Baseball Info Solutions for allowing us to use their season ending files as part of the release.

All files (except postseason fielding) should be updated through the 2005 season. We may make an error correcting update and also an expansion of the 2005 postseason data at some point.

We are also working on getting the new administrative up and off the ground in the new year.

Happy new year!

Version 2004-11-30

November 30, 2004

There have been massive changes. All of the 2004 data has been included. Many corrections pointed about by users have been added. Several Tables have been added. Schools, SchoolsPlayers and FieldingPost have all been added.

All of these changes have been logged in the e-mail list.

Version 2003-12-21

December 21, 2003

Dramatically upgraded the postseason batting and pitching tables.

Assorted biographical updates. See SABR biographical newsletter for updates.

Changed NULL team stats (previously listed as 0) into NULL.

Made spot corrections to the 1997 batting stats involving pitchers who traded teams. Same thing for 1998 season.

Removed spaces between comma-delimited nicknames.

Removed quotes from the nameNote column.

Corrected various team totals from 1998. Now 1995-2001 balance between the Batting and the Teams tables.

Corrected ER totals for some pitchers with 0IP who previously were not credited with having allowed any ER. We only noticed those with at least one HR allowed. This may mean that there are issues with pitchers who pitched no innings and did not allow HR. I'm guessing that someone (possibly me) reset the ER to equal round(IP*ERA/9) which doesn't work well for people with infinite ERA's and no IP's.

Made stint corrections suggested by Bill Knight.

Made corrections to Allstar recommended by Derek Adair (Delete 1944-Jeff Heath) and add a couple to 1997 and 1998.

Corrected errors with known retrosheet team and player ID differences. These ID's are stored in the Teams and Master tables.

Fixed 0 -> NULLs for mountfr01 in 1882, eastoja01 in 1891 and deagadu01 in 1901

Updated mcavowi01's R to 1 in 1918.

Version 2003-10-27

October 27, 2003

This is a first pass at the data for the 2003 season.

Known issues. Very little info for Reds Interim manager Dave Miley.

Jermaine Clark had two separate stints with the Rangers, they are included as one.

No games finished.

GS in fielding does not balance. I was told that in previous years this could be due to pinch hitting or injuries in the first at bat, etc.

Version 2003-09-19

September 19, 2003

This is a minor release with minor improvements. Downloads should be made only by those working as developers on this project.

Corrections proposed by Derek Adair for the Master table were incorporated.

Additions of PB to the Fielding table and BK, IBB, R, WP, GF, BFP and HBP were added to Pitching.

Next up is incorporation of KJOK's fielding data.

November 19, 2002

Version 2002-11-19

Entry of the 2002 Batting, Fielding and Pitching stats appears to be completed. Next up are the managers and some other things that folks have been sending me. Completing the team table is also of prime importance.

August 8, 2002

Version 2002-08-08

All right, I'm back from the conference and vacation and thank you for all the corrections.

Fixed zero entries in the Master table thanks to Alberto Perdomo.

Set Eddie Joost's SS Games in 1943 to 2. Corrected Jack Burns AB total in 1931 to 580 as per SABR Records committee.

Implemented corrections from the May/June SABR biographical committee newsletter. Notable changes, fishe02 = fishe01, so fishe02 is eliminated. Also a chage in the 1885 PHA record for Powell.

Implemented some other biographical corrections. I'm going to see if we can work with SABR's biographical committee and coordinate our database with theirs.

Added Team DP to the Team table, thanks dquinn.

Version 2002-07-31

July 31, 2002

Fixed five errors in Master with players who had zeros for birthDay and birthMonth rather than NULL.

Fixed the AB column in Teams that had mistakenly stored RA instead.

Assorted birthday corrections.

Version 2002-07-29

July 29, 2002 (later that day)

I've fixed the zip files, so that everything works as it is supposed to.

July 29, 2002

The first release under this group! Again, many thanks to Sean Lahman and others for all the hard work that has gone into previous iterations of this database.

These release notes will serve as a listing of notes and error corrections for the database. So any changes made will be documented here.

The first iteration passes 47 consistency checks which are available through the front page. For check 46 and 47, I have checked and those players did play in the post-season without appearing in a regular season game for their teams. All but one case is from before 1903.

I have not implemented all of the corrections sent through the past few months. Since this DB uses the DB on which is based (which comes from Lahman 4.0), I felt it made more sense to start with a clean slate since many of the errors posted were not issues with this DB. There are of course other issues.

Also, on the front page you will notice the list of on-going work. Please send a note to the list, giving any ongoing work you are performing and I will add it to that page.

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